Homegrown and transplanted writers alike thrive in the greater Victoria area – so much so that we lay claim to many of Canada’s most awarded and recognized poets, novelists, essayists, children’s book authors and historians.

With that reality and the generous help of committed volunteers and sponsors, the City of Victoria Butler Book Prize inaugural $5,000 prize was awarded in 2004 – created to acknowledge and celebrate an extraordinarily accomplished writing community and the readers who support them. The City of Victoria Children’s Book Prize was originally established by the late Mel Bolen and awarded as the Bolen Books Prize for Children’s Literature from 2008 to 2018. Our multi-genre adult and children’s prizes are awarded at an annual Gala in October, which is a feast for the senses and the intellect.


We thank the tireless efforts of our Board Members throughout the years for making the Victoria Book Prize Society such a success.


Lynne Van Luven, President
Christina Haska, Vice President
Olivia Gutjahr
Sarah Harrison
Tracy Kendrick
Jeff Moore
Amy Reiswig
Kyle Kushnir
Maureen Colgan, VBPS staff


Kim Gough, President
Lynne Van Luven, Vice President
Alyssa Polinsky
Darrell Joyce
Sarah Harrison
Kirstie Hudson
Tracy Kendrick
Pamela Madoff
Jeff Moore
Olivia Gutjahr

Jean Wilson (Board Member Emeritus) and VBPS staff, Maureen Colgan


Thank you to our Sponsors, for their generous contributions.
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