On Our Street: Our First Talk About Poverty

Bolen Books Children's Book Prize
About this Work 

A gentle introduction to the issue of poverty, On Our Street explores the realities of people living with inadequate resources. Using age-appropriate language, this book addresses mental illness, homelessness and refugee status as they are connected to this issue. Insightful quotes from individuals and organizations such as UNICEF are included throughout to add further perspective on the issue. An invaluable section on how kids can help empowers readers to take what they have learned and use it to make a difference.

Orca Book Publishers
Jurors' Citation 

In On Our Street:  Our First Talk About Poverty, Dr. Jillian Riding and her collaborators invite young readers to think about the stories that lie behind our everyday encounters with panhandlers, the homeless and those with mental illness.  The straightforward text, in a question-and-answer format, and the illustrations, an artful combination of photographs and drawings, create a tone that is realistic and serious, yet kind and hopeful, encouraging awareness without trauma. Suggestions for action give the whole thing an upbeat conclusion, and sidebar information and a list of resources will be valuable to parents trying to raise compassionate children in these difficult times. 

Dr. Jillian Roberts

Dr. Jillian Roberts is a renowned child psychologist, author, professor and parent. She earned her PhD at age twenty-six, became one of the youngest associate professors at the University of Victoria at thirty-two and shortly after became the associate dean of the Faculty of Education. During this time, Dr. Roberts built one of Victoria, British Columbia's most successful child psychology practices.