In the Swish

Bolen Books Children's Book Prize
About this Work 

Bennett Ryan is a superb young basketball player who propelled her team to a regional championship. But in her senior year she discovers there’s a lot she doesn’t know. She has to switch schools, for one thing, and learn to fit in with the team she helped defeat the previous year. What’s more she confronts a far more complex world than she’s been used to – a new friend who is on the autism spectrum, as well as team-mates from a diversity of cultures. Finally, she has to face her old team—and some old assumptions—in a dramatic playoff game. In the Swish is a coming of age story about friendships made and friendships tested set against the fast-paced world of competitive girls’ basketball.

Red Deer Press
Jurors' Citation 

None of the jurors were basketball fans, but they found it impossible not to respond to the passion for the game that infuses this intelligent coming-of-age novel. Nicely told, believable characters, and interesting developments that explore friendships and what it means to win and lose.

Dawn Green

Dawn Green graduated from the University of Victoria with degrees in languages and education. She is a high school Spanish and English teacher, basketball coach, and volunteers with Special Olympics BC. When Kacey Left was her first young adult novel.