Save Me, Kurt Cobain

Bolen Books Children's Book Prize
About this Work 

This contemporary thriller is about a girl’s search for identity and a journey that provides answers as well as a potentially dangerous outcome.

What if you discovered that not only was Kurt Cobain was still alive but that he might be your real father? Fifteen year old Nicola Caban has been adrift since she was four, when her mother vanished. She spends her days in rainy Victoria with her best friend, Obe. But a chance discovery in the attic of the house she shares with her father, Vern, leads Nico to believe that her mother had a dalliance with then little-known Kurt Cobain, right before Nirvana hit it big. When she spots a man who resembles Cobain on a ferry trip home from Seattle she becomes convinced that he is the missing piece of the puzzle. During her quest for answers Nico must ultimately save herself both from danger and her own dark thoughts.


Jurors' Citation 

Although we are not exactly up on grunge music or Nirvana, we all enjoyed this thoughtful, coming of age novel. Its sensitive exploration of complex themes of  abandonment and loss were balanced by an atmospheric setting, wry wit and musical insight. 

Jenny Manzer

Jenny Manzer is a writer, an editor and a former news reporter. Save Me Kurt Cobain is her debut novel. She loves music but has never seen Nirvana play. She lives in Victoria with her husband and children.