Victoria Book Prize Society

2015 Victoria Book Prize Finalists Announced

The Victoria Book Prize Society is pleased to announce the finalists from the Capital Region shortlisted for the 2015 City of Victoria Butler Book Prize for adult literature and the Bolen Books Children’s Book Prize. Click here for full post.

2014 Winners

Bolen Books Children's Book Prize Recipient

Daniel Loxton
Pterosaur Trouble
Kids Can Press

About This Work

Follow the pterosaur, a majestic flying reptile, as he encounters a pack of tiny but vicious dinosaurs. A unique blend of...

About The Author

Daniel Loxton is a writer and illustrator who specializes in science and critical thinking publications especially for young...

City of Victoria Butler Book Prize Recipient

M.A.C. Farrant
The World Afloat

About This Work

In The World Afloat, a collection of seventy-five irreverent and humorous stories, master of the absurd and expert observer M...

About The Author

Born in Sydney, Australia, and raised in Victoria, Marion Farrant is the acclaimed author of nine previous collections of...